Summer 2021

With the present pandemic restrictions, ALI will only conduct online courses for the year 2021. 
For this year, ALI courses will focus on the following themes:
1) Quranic Insights – Studying the Quran for a deeper understanding of the wisdom and guidance within it.
2) The Ma’sumin (a) – Role and contribution of the Divinely sent guides for humanity.
3) Family Relationships – Islamic teachings on maintaining and enhancing the family structure.
4) Physical and mental well being – Guidance on health and well being from community workers.

ALI 604: Qualities of Allah

Almighty Allah has many different qualities. This webinar will help us understand His mercy and love as well as His justice and wrath. Reconciling these qualities is necessary in the search to know God ...
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ALI 605: Spirituality of the Shari’ah

In the modern, insatiable desire for novelty and innovation, tradition, along with the tranquility and spirituality it contains, is sometimes given trivial importance or neglected altogether. In this webinar, we will look at examples from ...
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ALI 606: A Discussion on Perfection (for women only)

Attaining Perfection is the objective of life. This webinar will discuss forms of perfection, the chains of perfection, and various views on human perfection ...
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